A Chowk is a Hindustani word meaning a Town square, an open area commonly found in the heart of a traditional town used for community gatherings, Market square or simply traffic intersection. Chowk’s can be found almost everywhere, in every Village, Town, City of India. Now a new Chowk is coming into your city. This CHOWK will change the face of your Entertainment, meeting & partying habits and will become a new “Chowk” of your Town.


cine Chowk
Cine Chowk is an initiative to transform the cinema viewing experience from traditional talkies to multiplex...
Cine Chowk is an initiative to fill the Quality Gap between Small city and Metro’s through technology.

Cine Chowk will provide an entire multiplex experience in terms of:

  • • World Class Cinema experience with latest movies.
  • • Multiple Screens for multiple movies & shows
  • • State of the art décor & recliner seating
  • • Latest Cinema Technologies
  • • Large Screen for Grand viewing pleasure


Cine Chowk will serve as an education center of your city in terms of World Class Educational content & lectures from Best Teachers of India, beamed directly to your town. There will be dedicated flexible space with every seat to serve the full need of students.

Pricing of Movie and educational content will be fixed city-wise to make it affordable.


food Chowk
Integrated Food Court

Being thematic means having a unique décor which is itself a USP of the Food Chowk. So it’s not just food, it’s an experience in itself. The Theme shall be of a village.

  • Whats a Village without a little nautanki. There are traditional folk dancers and performers through the session to entertain you...

  • Puppet Shows, Kutchi Ghodi, Bioscope

  • Fortune Teller, Mehndi, Potter

  • Cycle Waali Chaai, Malish Wala, Paan ki Tapri, DJ

fun Chowk
Fun Chowk is NOT just a typical gaming zone as seen in cities, it’s an entertainment zone due to variety in formats, contents offered.

Fun Chowk will be a combination of arcade, visual, interactive gaming & different entertainment formats.

Spy Mission

Air 360

Aqua 360

Aqua Island

Bhoot Bangla

Dark Eye

Fun Duniya

Ice 360

Ice Land

Junglee Duniya

Kanch Mandir

Kids Carnival

Kismat Connection

Lazer Frenzy

Lazer Jung

Mano Ya Na Mano

Mayavi Nagar

Motion 360

Race 360

Shoot 360

Target 360

Tilismi Duniya

Wax Museum

retail Chowk
What’s an experience without shopping!!
There will be some exclusive retail outlets at your “Chowk”.

  • • We will bring some of the best mix of retailers to your “CHOWK” for complete Customer Delight.
  • • There will be a selection of Apparel, accessories, footwear, electronic, Brands exclusively customizable as per your Chowk & City requirements.


chowk Hotel Chowk | Edu Chowk | Health Chowk
Hotel Chowk

  • • Smaller Towns have a potential for 10-20 rooms property with Banquet facility thus in order to tap the potential the Format is conceptualized which will add value to the entire project.

  • • Hotel Chowk will be added to the top floor of the project with access to the ground floor lobby and with the Banquet/Restaurants

  • • Due care shall be taken to maintain full scope of services for every class, age group due to reasonable pricing & variety offered.

Edu Chowk

  • • Specialized courses for CA/CS/IAS/PET/PMT and all other professional courses is need of the hour thus with the existing setup of Cine Chowk will be fully utilized for the Edu Chowk.

  • • Edu Chowk will tie up with Educational companies of national repute to provide such courses and is sure to draw huge attention with such massive world class infrastructure and support.

  • • Due care shall be taken to maintain full scope of services for every class, age group due to reasonable pricing & variety offered.

Health Chowk

  • • Health Gym, Spa & Saloon is the need of the hour for every city and town thus keeping in mind the growing demand a cost effective model have been developed.

  • • Memberships will be clubbed in the Chowk card to add value to the product and the services involved. Additional benefits of the Chowk will be provided for greater insistence on the memberships.

  • • Due care shall be taken to maintain full scope of services for every class, age group due to reasonable pricing & variety offered.

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